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Team Events idea – how passionate the team is behind it!


Team Events is any camp, race, game, or competition where an official from the team takes part as a participant of the team.

In this post, we wanted to introduce ourselves…

Why Team Events and group activities

Have you ever participated in a team events? We bet you did and enjoyed it!

We certainly do and we are passionate about team events and all sorts of group activities. Those rare moments spent together are golden. They help us feel connected in an authentic way. Discovering something together or learning a new skill with colleagues or friends is the best way of connecting and getting to know each other. Group events bring a sense of being one team as colleagues or family, reminding us of the importance of being human.

So we thought – why not more of that! Why not more sushi-making classes or learning stand-up paddling with a family? Why not spend more face-to-face and purposeful time together?

The hassle of organizing a team events

But organizing such group activity has never been easy…Do you remember how much time you had to invest in organizing one? It starts with knowing the purpose. Answering clearly what the group wants to do and why. Once you are convinced by the need you start the search, it takes hours browsing through the Internet or using word of mouth and asking around. And finally, you have got a couple of options for the Team building event! You still need to get in touch with the provider, and check the availability, and price… Call back… It just takes too much time!

On a mission to make booking team events and activities easier…

Well, we started our journey to make this easier for the Event attendees. We have created a one-stop shop with all team events and activities, and workshops available on one platform. With WeWent you can browse through categories and objectives as well as locations and just find the right team or group activity for your Company event!

We know people tend to go mainstream or repeat what they have done already. But there is so much to discover out there! So at WeWent we made the commitment to engage with team events providers who can offer original, unusual, creative and different event ideas that will help the attendees have a unforgettable experience. We are dedicated to helping people grow their undiscovered talents and share them with others by converting their skills into group activities or team games. Which is a perfect time for group to have experience in nature.

WeWent is an online marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique team events and activities.

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone who is keen to organize a group event –team assistants and professionals dedicated to their teams or friends and families wanting to spend purposeful time together.

Our provider database consists of not only well-known event companies but also individuals wanting to share their talents (cooks, DIY experts, artists, etc.). Moreover volunteering events by NGOs will become available to book for free or for a very small fee as part of our dedication to give back to society. As an online marketplace we are here to support event providers with making their offer more accessible and easily bookable.

Few facts

WeWent is a product of Swiss startup company, Nakama GmbH. If you are curious you can check here what Nakama means. WeWent is founded in May 2015 and won an award at the Zurich Startup Weekend.