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One of a Kind Ball Game that Guarantees Fun & Digital Detox!

Every team-building activity does not merely spark everyone’s excitement and physical attribution. It goes beyond that. In fact, each activity has a purpose. A way to bring people together, under no pressure, while letting you simply enjoy the moment. What better way to get your team back on track, motivated and perked up for another work week, than a team-building activity?
Or maybe you would like to surprise your customers or partners with a unique and engaging activity that will take them away from everyday routine and the digitized world?

There is no such ball game anywhere else!

Our featured provider holds the best interests for its clients by providing them with a broad scope of activities. The company started to provide effective team building agendas and workshops upon seeing a great need for an out of the office activity. This is to help employees loosen up and develop a good relationship and camaraderie. 

Nosyphos, the name of the ball game, is a fantasy name and a self-created antonym of the term “sysyphos”. This comes from Greek mythology and is emblematic of work, which despite constant effort is never completed. The game Nosyphos should therefore not be a “Sisyphean task”, but create a positive benefit and give pleasure.
It is a wooden ball game which features a 7.20 meters track. The track is definitely long! Long enough to guarantee a fun, excitement, and breath-taking experience. The track is composed of three lanes with three balls in different colours. The players need to decide which ball will hit the goal first.

A family story of creativity and commitment to creating a new game culture

The Nosyphos game is brought to you by a dedicated and creative team. The idea started 30 years ago, with its inventor Walter.

 “We try to break down the borders with Nosyphos and create bridges among the people. We are creating a new game culture. ”
Walter Keiser, the creator of the Game

Today the family business is run by the father and his sons. A team working hard on creating countless variants thanks to interchangeable modules and different game modes. Together they will determine the optimal game variant for your event.

Nosyphos and the Team
Nosyphos and the Team

What’s exciting about this game is the part where people should divide themselves depending on their preferences. They can group together according to their color, gender, hierarchy, or origin. This is a chance for everyone to get to know their teammates from different departments. An opportunity to break the gap between strangers working in the same company through familiarity.

One of a Kind Ball Game that Guarantees Fun & Digital Detox!
People having fun with Nosyphos

“We are offline so it is the perfect digital detox! Our claim is “spielend kommunizieren” (communicate playfully)”

Their mission sums up to three objectives:

  1. To provide its clients with quality and effective team building activities and workshops that will make an impact on their daily work-life
  2. To let out the kid inside of every player through the gaming culture
  3. Experience a rare chance to enjoy life around people without the need for a smartphone (Digital detox)

The game insists strategic thinking to the players, a gaming culture to the highest level. Nosyphos is such a unique game you won’t find it anywhere else!

A Workshop To Remember 

Our featured provider clearly remembers a workshop from a group of twelve persons. A leadership workshop for a big swiss industrial concern. The group got a 2-days workshop with Nosyphos.  Twelve people played in different groups. Throughout the session, they mapped out different problems for them to solve and the coach observed each group member. After each round, a discussion was facilitated to understand what happened in the game and how each player reacted.  The exchange in insights was interesting to see. It shows how we can adapt to situations from our daily work-life within the game. 

Improved Daily Work-Life 

The game intends to make an impact for the long term. Tracks for the ball game could be adjusted according to your preference. The game could be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors. They cater to 10-100 participants. The company operates in Switzerland and the near countries like Germany, Austria or Italy.

What are you waiting for? Check the activities now! Get in touch and experience this exclusive wooden ball game!