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WeWent music team-building experience

WeWent music team-building experience
As they say you should practice what you preach. And we do! The first weekend of February we went to a music team-building event with WoodVibes.

WeWent is a team of six and we are spread among three different countries: Switzerland, Germany and Brazil. And although technology is our friend and we do not shy away from having meetings twice a week using video conferences and doing most important conversations on Slack, we do believe in the power of meeting face to face and we do it at least once a quarter.

So to stay true to the purpose of WeWent – we not only came together to work hard, but also dedicated the time to participate in our own team-building. We headed to Ebikon by Luzern to participate in a music team-building “Feel the Rythm” with WoodVibes, the first event provider that listed with us! Sharing our own experience
On arrival in Ebikon, we were warmly welcomed by Patrick who introduced us to the exciting world of African drums. He shared his own journey and passion for music that lasts for over a decade now.  We learned that Woodvibes was born out of a long lasting friendship between Silvan and Patrick, who share their love to music with others through team and cultural events.
As a team we were very eager to hit the drums quickly and create some sounds… and so Patrick led us through different techniques and sounds of drums. The first challenge was to get the sound right as an individual and follow Patrick’s instructions.Second and most important to create a harmonious team sound. It was fascinating how playing drums makes you immediately feel, hear and see how a team interacts. Moreover it’s rather hard to communicate by speaking as the sound of drums is very loud…. This is why we were forced to try and play with the non verbal communication, eye contact, body language etc. 

Team-building through music

The most powerful experience to me personally was when we split the team into two groups, playing different sounds. Everyone played together at the same time and contributed to the group sound but still remained at his/her own rhythm. On top we had to follow Patrick’s instructions and sound. We then were invited to improvise, one at a time. This was the moment where the importance of the individual for the overall process became the true experience.
The end result, and the most satisfying moment was when we actually, TOGETHER, created a piece of music. And all of that with big smiles on our faces.

The goosebumps moment

In summary, we really enjoyed this team event for it’s very relaxed and happy atmosphere. Creating something together that is a loud and powerful output gave me personally goosebumps. As it was my first ever experience playing drums I felt a sense of relief and positive tiredness at the same time.  It takes some strength and your hands hurt. This over 60 minutes long event was a great way to express ourselves, relax, get creative. We practiced non-verbal communication and aimed to a common goal of harmony in sound.
Thanks Patrick for introducing us to the world of music and guiding us through this unforgettable team experience! We hope to see you soon!

We hope to see you soon!

Ps.: And thank you for hosting the youngest team member of WeWent team!