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Mind and Body Balance for Growth

There is a growing appreciation for the impact individual wellbeing has on productivity. At the same time life at work gets more busy and challenging. Whatever the role we have within the organization, we need to make sure we have enough energy to keep up with the pace and challenge ahead. And we need to balance both mind and body.

So, this week we talked to Soraya and Sandra. The WeWent Providers who help companies grow and perform by focusing on the balance of mind and body. These two inspiring ladies left their corporate careers in Finance and Marketing to bring corporate wellbeing to workplaces.

Mind and Body Balance for Growth

Feel good at work 

Sandra and Soraya are both qualified and experienced in yoga, mindfulness and nutrition. A perfect blend of know-how and passion that empowers them in making people feel good at work in a holistic way. Through their own failures and successes, they have learnt about the importance of mind-body balance. This learning has brought them to forming a business focused on a comprehensive approach to well-being.

They offer a unique combination of corporate well-being services that blend: Mindset, Coaching & Facilitation. The main goal of their offering is to improve performance by increasing productivity, motivation and wellbeing.

Their business is the fruit of an encounter and a common desire: to help people to discover their true potential and become the athlete for their life. They also believe that as a team, we are much stronger, engaged and productive than any other being.

From well-being to performance

Their methodology is based on an understanding that the greatest achievements occur when individuals master the four pillars of human performance: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery.

Our mission is to support and assist the physical and mental well-being in order to build a strong, productive and innovative team. Our motivation is to stimulate the well-being of our client’s employees with one common goal : the performance.

Sandra and Soraya share that they design their programs to answer their client’s problems: to be effective in a short time for long-lasting results.

Giving teams that relaxing exhale

When times are tough, the demands of the work and the stress related to it can be overwhelming or even disabling teams to act. Sandra and Soraya shared an inspiring story with us. How they helped their client get unstuck and productive.

“One day we received a last minute call from our client. They were stuck with an important business proposal and they only had the day to answer. After working with them frequently for the last 6 months they believed in our problem-solving approach: using collective intelligence for decision making instead of choosing an individual and linear structure.

Our team pulled together different team members of the company. They practised together 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques. This approach proved to be a quick and effective decision-making tool.

That day, we really experienced a positive shift. The team arrived very stressed, under pressure and they were not able to communicate properly. After the team-building practice, they responded to the proposal together in one hour by implementing a growth mindset and teamwork. As a result, the company started to have a more open-minded approach. Till today they are practising mindfulness meditation and collective intelligence as the tool to answer to urgent business demands.”

How wellbeing impacts productivity

Low levels of employees’ wellbeing negatively impact productivity, but more importantly, significantly affect employees’ overall health. Workshops and health-oriented team building activities are a good way to address mental health and wellbeing. And are a great start to positive and constructive changes.

Sandra, Soraya and their team provide flexible and convenient formats. From workshops, toolkits, retreats to interactive team-building activities targeted at health and wellbeing issues corporations are facing today within their workforce. A team going through an activity with them can expect emotional, physical and mental support, free of judgment, in any moment of their professional journey.

In addition, to building teams, they help companies respond to their daily tasks with a growth mindset and physical awareness. As a result, helping them to feel better, perform better and improve their professional and personal skills.

Finally, if you want to learn how a balanced mind and body can help your team and business to grow, check out what Sandra and Soraya have prepared for you.


Mind and Body Balance for Growth