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Learning through food: the effective and fun way!

Food. We all love it. Good food is one of the greatest, most exquisite pleasures in life. But, did you know it’s also an excellent opportunity to bring your team together and learn? Read on to hear what our provider David has to say about it and how you can turn food into the ultimate learning experience.

From chemistry to food – one molecule at a time

David is the creator of “Learning experiences through food”.  He is also a Chemist, certified by Harvard University in Science and Cooking. A travel enthusiast, David worked and lived in Spain, France, Chile, the US and now in the UK. And what better way to enrich and infuse one’s passion for food with the taste of other cultures! 

Learning through food: the effective and fun way!

A culinary uniqueness

Three words can sum up this event’s uniqueness: creativity, fun, learning.  The motto is ‘learn, eat, enjoy and socialize’ and it makes it a  perfect match for a team building workshop

when chemistry meets food
Because is all about chemistry –  David in Action

What you can expect

One thing is for sure: this event takes the culinary experience to a whole new level combining it with chemistry. Both you and your team are in for some fun experimenting with new ingredients such as hydrocolloids, phospholipids and gases to obtain amazing results. And the best part is, it’s easy to reproduce at home and create your own ‘molecular tapas ‘.

This is a great way for your team to bond and work together. It’s a chance to improve your communication and collaboration skills as every dish will be the result of a team effort.

The Main Goal? Learning through food of course!

As our conversation continues, you can really feel David’s passion both for cooking and chemistry! But we wanted to know what his main goal is when preparing to host a team building event. The answer, in David’s own words: “I want them to learn and enjoy”. In this cooking workshop, you get to learn something new as a team and work together on a creating a new flavour. What other uses are there, in addition to team building? Well, the culinary techniques they learn can all be applied and reproduced at home. In the end, it’s also an out-of-the-box way to create team culture, since all the team members work together towards one common goal. Plus, at the same time, it gives you a chance to relax and reward your team!


And there’s more!

David’s two most popular learning through food team building workshops are: Cooking Your Spanish ‘Learn Spanish making tapas’ and Molecular gastronomy ‘Cooking techniques’  They are both available in Spanish and English and David will travel within the country to bring this experience to you!

And remember, check out this event and more at www.wewent.com