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How to thrive in the digital world? Get coding skills up your sleeve!

How to thrive in the digital world? Get coding skills up your sleeve!

Do you know what skills are required in the next 10 years? How do you and your team keep up with the constant change and development in tech? And do you speak tech?
You do not necessarily need to become an advanced programmer. But wouldn’t you want to at least understand the programming language?

Did you know that “until 2024 Switzerland is projected to have a gap of 25’000 qualified employees in the area of information and communication technology? This scenario is predicted by “ICT Berufsbildung Schweiz” in their 2016 study.” 
As a matter of fact, it’s not only the ICT employees who require to build their digital skills.

We are delighted to announce a new provider on WeWent who brings skills like code literacy or computational thinking through their transformative learning experiences.

With this article, we are welcoming  Melanie, who recently joined WeWent provider community offering Coding Workshop. She and her team create joyful learning experiences, so people learn relevant 21st-century skills. Among them computational thinking, code literacy, creativity and collaboration. They want to inspire people to become lifelong learners and make a difference.

Can tech learning be joyful?

It all started after Melanie became frustrated with the theoretical approach of teaching computer science.  She decided that tech education should to be more hands-on and joyful. As a result, they put together a diverse team of 4 people with backgrounds in economics, computer science and business. And they work with a network of 15+ coaches who share the values of enjoying what they do, learning every day and caring about each other.

How to thrive in the digital world? Get coding skills up your sleeve!

And what are the ingredients to this joyful learning?

Melanie and her team focus on not only the what but the how of their workshops. A great atmosphere, a teacher that explains things simply / in plain English and shows lots of practical examples, patient coaches that answer all questions, inspiring location and fun exercises. Learning new skills, like coding encourages creativity and opens up new ways of thinking. Programming allows everyone to have a say and shape and should, therefore, be part of today’s general education. Participants and the trainers dive together into the world of code and demystify it.

From hard skills to soft skills

While you write your first lines of code and pair-program a website in 3h, you’ll see that coding is no magic, but fun and empowering. Empowering, because you learn to think critically and be creative.
And there are other benefits too. Doing a coding workshop will help you understand IT team members or suppliers better. You will be able to speak their language which can make a difference in your future collaboration.
And these workshops are practically for anyone. Former participants have a background in business, finance or economics, others have one in marketing, sales, communication, design and related fields.
Particularly beneficial for people who often work as a project and product managers, consultants, interaction designers or in sales, marketing or communication of a digital product or service.


How to thrive in the digital world? Get coding skills up your sleeve!


To sum up, in a rapidly digitizing world, having some basic tech skills and understanding of coding is essential to navigating the world we do business and collaborate in. If your team wants to stay on top of the game – check out more details about the coding workshop or inquire for a tailored programme!