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Get Out Of Everyday Work Life – Into Adventure

Get Out Of Everyday Work Life – Into Adventure

Long hours of work, tight deadlines, conflict with co-workers. Those are just some workplace stress you need to face on a daily basis. This influences both your physical and mental health. Eventually even your productivity and performance at work.

Workplace stress and routine are unavoidable. However, a fun nature, team adventure kind of trip can greatly reduce the stress levels. It can strengthen team members’ relationships too. 

This is what our provider Marcel Hager, coach, speaker, outdoors trainer, and book author specializes in. He believes that nature is the most relaxing and challenging place for development, growth, and relaxation.

Adventure is the key!

“I love the rough and wild, challenges, discovering new things, adventures and everything that brings life to life. Pioneering spirit, energy, and willpower belong to my person. Challenging and encouraging people, believing in them and awakening their potential is what drives me.” – Marcel Hager, Founder.

Marcel believes that development happens when you enter unknown terrain – most effectively in nature. “Because experience changes you”, he said.

The company provides team-building, individual and life coaching, expedition trekking, and active retreats. They encourage people to discover and apply their individual skills, talents, and visions. They want people to strengthen their own resources and define clear goals. 

In addition to conventional coaching and team development, the company offers a combination of a workshop with outdoor elements. Where you can experience a team adventure in nature!

Get Out Of Everyday Work Life – Into Adventure
Marcel delivering a team learnings session.

Marcel, also published a book:

“Sehnsucht, Mut und Stärke Eine Reise vom Überleben zum Leben” or in English: “Yearning, courage and strength. A journey from survival to life”.

“The journey takes you past three stations: your yearning, your courage and your strength.
Your yearning will help you discover your potential and show you the direction you should take.
Your courage pushes you to take the first step and your strength helps you reach your goal.”

If there’s a will, there’s a way

Differences within the team are normal. It often causes tension and misunderstanding. However, there is a solution for every difficulty in the team that can be worked out together. An important prerequisite for this is the will of those involved

An outdoor team building encourages teamwork and collaboration between participants. The fun activities are proven effective in helping team members see each other from a different perspective. It also helps build better connections. 

The provider clearly recalls how the activity makes two individuals work together.

“At the start of a two-day team development session with senior management, the atmosphere was very cool and tense. Everyone in the room was occupied with themselves. In the course of the workshop, the team spirit changed more and more. And at the end of the two days, it became clearly visible how individual businessmen had become a team with a common spirit and goal.” – Marcel shared.

Effective and Sustainable

The company’s main goal is to execute the client’s order as effectively and sustainably as possible. Be it a team fun event or a team development with a special goal. However, inspiration and encouragement are always part of the implementation.

The first indicator of effectiveness is the direct feedback from the customer. This feedback is coordinated with the perception of the coaches. But what makes effectiveness really valuable is sustainability – this proves itself after a certain time and should be readjusted if necessary.

An adventure that suits your needs 

One great thing about what the company offers is that it can be completely tailored to you or your team. They offer everything from personnel and life coaching, team building, and events to trekking and active retreats. 

Moreover, you can decide the time, duration, scope, and location and they will be more than happy to organize your next team adventure in nature!

So if you’re up for learning with a team adventure, book now! Simply talk to us or directly to Marcel. The experience can be fully tailored to your needs.
FYI… We recently worked on a very exciting offer for a team of 16. It blended basic survival training with building a pizza oven, preparing your team meal, and constructing a rope bridge.

Team Adventure with Marcel