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Gamified Teamwork: Staying Fit While Having Fun With Your Team

For how long can you last with no gadget? It’s time to step away from technology for a little while and test your physical boundaries.  Today we are featuring Craig, a provider who is successful in gamifying fitness for corporate wellness and team-building activities.  The participants are having so much fun they don’t recognize they are exercising! Ready to hear more?

Gamified Teamwork: Staying Fit While Having Fun With Your Team

Happy Fitness trend

There is a strong relationship between our social connection, health, and happiness.  The 2018 Global Wellness Trends Journal talked about a research proving that the addiction with digital connection and devices causes anxiety and depression.  In the height of such issues, a trend called “Happy Fitness” emerged.  It’s about going back to simple exercises that encourage childlike play, human-like movements like walking and hiking in nature.  Rabble is all about this and more.

Having fun while working out

Rabble puts emphasis on activities that empower brain-training, colleague communication and challenges performance while under pressure. Playing everything from British Bulldogs to Capture the Flag, Dodgeball and Frisbee – with each game disguising high-intensity intervals within the rules. Rabble is fun fitness at its very best.

Gamified Teamwork: Staying Fit While Having Fun With Your Team

The owner, Craig, having a sports science background himself, admits that we are all athletes of some sort.  The way athletes prepare and their ability to perform while under pressure are attributes that corporate workers can display too.  This made Craig think about the potential of bringing this kind of activity to the public and corporate team-building events.

According to him, it’s easy to spot if the event was successful. If the group and people are engrossed in the activities, and all smiles while talking about the event, then it’s a good sign that they were immersed and appreciative of the tasks. He further added that an important element of Rabble’s team-building event is on being able to look back, discuss and reflect on the tasks, what occurred and what they’ve learned.

Rabble’s goal is to improve the physical and cognitive health of employees through gamified fitness, letting them experience fun while working out.

Our first-hand experience

WeWent team recently had a chance to test Rabble for ourselves.  We spent 2 hours with Craig during our team retreat in Zurich which we described in our previous blog post.

We were totally mesmerized by the fact that easy games, like the ones we remember from our childhood, can have so much impact on our team. Our group laughed, moved, and shared a lot of “aha” moments around communication and leadership styles. We were surprised to all feel a bit sore in the days to follow, which meant we obviously moved some muscles.

Here’s what Bilge, co-founder of Wewent.com, has to say about Rabble:

“Rabble’s event is simple yet so powerful.  You can’t help but think that working and playing are both easy, only the players make it complicated. This idea dawns on you while playing, solving puzzles or physically acting and competing with others. I think this event is great even for introverts or people who don’t have an outgoing personality. Each and everyone has a child in themselves that engages with this kind of setting.”

What better way to build trust and rapport with your team other than gamified activities you are sure to enjoy! If you are interested in learning more, check out this link. Hungry for more, don’t miss the gamified teamwork workshop.