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Create Harmony, Foster Teamwork Through Music!

Music is a language everyone understands. It accepts and welcomes diversity. Good music is built with varying notes hitting different tones which together produce great sound quality. A highly effective Team is built the same way.


Create Harmony, Foster Teamwork Through Music!

Just like what this quote denotes, for a team to function well, one has to acknowledge and embrace each member’s differences. Fine Tune Music shows us how music plays a role in fostering teamwork and camaraderie among its members.

A unique experience, unlocked!

Fine Tune Music provides business team building sessions, hosting attendees at their professional recording studio in the heart of Soho, London. Richard, the owner and founder of Fine Tune Music says that the inspiration to start this business came from his experience in the music industry. The composition and production work. He realized that the creative process can also be applied within the business and commercial environment. Moreover, he says that:

“The ability to come up with fresh new ideas, improve our communication skills, enhance team dynamics and individual well being, benefits us all, whatever job we work in.”

The backstory

Our featured provider of the month, Richard

Richard and Ben, his business partner, both have an extensive background in music, television, film, and advertising. Richard has worked with well-known brands – BBC, KFC, Sunsilk, to name some. Moreover, Ben worked with famous artists. He is also responsible for three Christmas #1s like ‘Mr. Blobby’ which was the biggest selling UK single of 1993.

Last year, a business manager who worked at HSBC hired the studio to record a rock song, just for his own personal amusement. They chatted and suggested that the same skills required in making a record could also apply and be very useful in the workplace. It would help stimulate fresh thinking and energize the team.  As a result, those teams will clearly perform better, be more resourceful and profitable. The discussion went on about how beneficial it is to share a collaborative space. To get together in person with colleagues, away from the office environment. Something which unfortunately has become less common. Especially that now our lives are dominated by smartphones, email, and social media. The recording studio provides a unique environment and meeting place, and somewhere where the inspiration can really flow.

Through their music team building, they provide a unique experience. Teams get to create, perform, and record their own original song.  Ultimately, Richard and Ben aim to inspire people to unlock their creativity and communication skills to achieve success.

Music is a great common language

We asked Fine Tune Music to tell us of a time that they find memorable:

One of the high street banks, booked a team building event with us. The only thing they forgot to mention was that the team would also include their European colleagues. And many of whom did not speak English too well! We were still able to rework the lyrics and record Survivor’s ‘Eye of The Tiger’ in 4 hours. Lots of fist pumping moments in the vocal booth! And it reminded us how music really is the great common language. Inspiring us to step outside our comfort zone, whilst it being great fun at the same time.

Unlock creativity, foster teamwork = Team success!

This event focuses on ensuring that all team members contribute to the production of the final record. Whether it be through playing an instrument, singing (No ability necessary!), backing vocals, lyrics or in the overall concept or sound of the finished record.

In other words, the music team building sessions provide a motivational and bonding experience, bringing everyone together to deliver the final product. It’s also great fun!

Through the music sessions, you can expect to:

  • Unlock creativity and empower employees to achieve business and personal goals, as you follow a step-by-step process, creating an original song from scratch
  • Build a more dynamic, competitive and profitable team
  • Rise to the challenge.  Enhance your individual and group abilities to innovate and problem solve
  • Unlock potential and foster environment where the best ideas are shared and valued
  • Reinforce company values
  • Develop skills to help your team better engage with clients
  • It’s all about Personal and Team development 

Create Harmony, Foster Teamwork Through Music!

Finally, sometimes the goal is simply to have a great time, and for the team to leave having enjoyed meeting new people within their organization and collaborating for the first time. It varies every time, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable and rewarding to provide music events for teams.

Recording Studio in Soho, London
Recording Studio in Soho, London


What are you waiting for?

When was the last time you made a hit record in a professional recording studio in central London? There are great restaurants, theatres and bars in Soho too! Always nice to enjoy a meal and a drink with your team after a great session. 

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