Assertiveness at Work

Very often there is the common misconception that to be assertive, one has to say ‘No’ to other people’s requests. But is that true? What exactly does being assertive mean in our daily work life? We’ve interviewed Alessandra Patti to¬†better understand the concept and its importance in teamwork.

Purpose Driven Teams and how to create them

The Challenge: To make your business grow. The proposed solution? Creating purpose driven teams. But how do you inject purpose into your teams? And why is Purpose the key way to achieve business growth? We sat down with our provider Katerina, to hear all about it.

Business & Poker, let the games begin!

Can learning to play Poker help you develop your business skills? How can your business teams profit from learning this new skill? We sat down with Poker Business Coach, Claudia Chinello, our featured provider of the month and creator of the Casino Poker Night event, to answer.

The Future of Work: How prepared are you?

The Future of Work: How Prepared are you? This article has been written by Aleksandra Potrykus for the Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine¬† As an HR professional, a co-founder of an HR start-up, and a mother, I have been fascinated by the Future of work and what it holds for us, and generations to come. It’s both…