Why Build Resilient Teams

May is globally known as mental health month, which is why we’re bringing the focus on it today. I’ll be having a closer look at a topic strongly linked to mental health – resilience. More specifically, I’ll be reflecting on why should you invest in resilience at work, and is it possible to build it…

Business Travel, My Team and I

This article has been prepared by our guest writer Mhorag Doig, Founder and CEO, Harbour84. The rise of business travel and how it impacts team dynamics Business travel is on the rise, coinciding with a change in working patterns toward more flexibility, demand for more autonomy, and a desire to connect with others beyond the…

Work travel can give you wings

As much as it may sound, in this article, we are not going to talk about the miles you can collect while you travel for work. Although we accept that it is definitely a nice bonus to the whole experience.

Clearly, there is a reason international companies create a huge travel budget. The notion of meeting your colleagues and clients face to face makes the interaction 100% more reliable and memorable.

See how the co-founder of WeWent, Bilge, breaks the work travel into two productivity gems.
1. Sort out your work/life while flying
2.Treasure your time at the destination

Team Energy – Empowering from Within

Team Energy – Empowering from Within We very often say how important it is to discuss the failures and successes of your team. What about celebrating those seemingly small yet crucial daily victories? We sat down with Elizabeth to hear about how she supports teams to empower themselves from within, creating positive energy for positive…

Why celebrating wins matter

This article has been written by Reginald Bien-Aime, the man behind our awesome events: PowerPoint Karaoke and F*ck Up Nights and our Team Engagement Expert. Let’s get something out of the way, right out of the gates: leading anything is HARD. Whether you’re leading a team, a company, or simply, yourself, leading consumes a fair share…

6 Things you can learn from a Team Diagnostics

Team diagnostics, or in other words, a team health check, is mainly a survey methodology to find out where your team stands. It’s a first step towards understanding what’s going on with your team and what to tackle in order to make it more effective. You can do this at any point in time, either…

Assertiveness at Work

Very often there is the common misconception that to be assertive, one has to say ‘No’ to other people’s requests. But is that true? What exactly does being assertive mean in our daily work life? We’ve interviewed Alessandra Patti to better understand the concept and its importance in teamwork.

Purpose Driven Teams and how to create them

The Challenge: To make your business grow. The proposed solution? Creating purpose driven teams. But how do you inject purpose into your teams? And why is Purpose the key way to achieve business growth? We sat down with our provider Katerina, to hear all about it.

Business & Poker, let the games begin!

Can learning to play Poker help you develop your business skills? How can your business teams profit from learning this new skill? We sat down with Poker Business Coach, Claudia Chinello, our featured provider of the month and creator of the Casino Poker Night event, to answer.