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Be A Rock Star, Play Music Together and Sing The Stress Away!


I’m sure you’ve experienced at least once to sing along to some music while at work or during break hours. You must have felt great singing along to your favourite tunes and probably thought about what it could be like being on stage and sharing your talent with the world.  

But have you ever thought a day would come that you’ll be able to jam with office mates and perform like a real band?  You’ll have musical instruments like guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, and it’s kind. Like for real! Well, that would be such a nice and enticing activity for a team building, don’t you think? 

Make Music Together

Rock at Work instils fun and facilitates self-discovery activities. It was once a ‘school of rock’ which inspired young people to discover their inner potential. Eventually, it morphed into a company which provides team building activities that are unique and also boost morale and team spirit.

The activities leave an imprint that participants would never forget. It makes them feel special and help realize their potential in music. The event introduces various music instruments. The main objective is to engage the members in a group activity by making music together. 

Rock Team

Learn From The Pros 

The company was established by Chris and his team of music professionals. Collectively they have a solid background in corporate, recruitment, and organizational groups. They have decades of working experience in the music industry. 

“We feel its completely unique! Music unites all people of all ages, races, colours, and creeds.”  – Chris, from Rock @ Work

The events and training you will get help to develop key essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. The company’s mission sums up to these three objectives: 

  1. To motivate every key member of the band to participate and share various ideas to end up with a good set of music
  2. Instil excitement and heart-racing performances
  3. Be a rock star for a day and learn the in-depth perspective of being one

Sing The Stress Away 

Aside from developing and nourishing the personal and social skills of every individual, the event aims to build camaraderie and connection. The participants will form a band and learn how to play their chosen music. They will play with real instruments and perform like real rock stars! The [email protected] offers “Battle of the Bands” for the larger group and make the event more fun and exciting!

Break Barriers 

Let the creative juices flow. Create a successful band by bringing out the best of your personal skills and music potentials. Even the most reserved member of the group can get involved through a songwriting activity or simply by playing an instrument like a tambourine. No one will get left behind. Everyone will shine in their own way.

“Everyone is a success, and even wallflowers leave the event a changed person! We have had people shaking on arrival and headbanging on exit.”

Have fun!

Have fun and enjoy the music!  Dive into this extraordinary activity to impart good communication, stronger relationships, and develop trust within your team. 

To make the event more thrilling, the event can happen right at your offices. For larger groups, the provider can book you into village halls, hotels, music rehearsal studios, and conference centres. Small and large groups are all welcome!

What are you waiting for? Check the exciting activities now! Get in touch and experience a one in a million rock star encounter!