Team Energy – Empowering from Within

Team Energy – Empowering from Within We very often say how important it is to discuss the failures and successes of your team. What about celebrating those seemingly small yet crucial daily victories? We sat down with Elizabeth to hear about how she supports teams to empower themselves from within, creating positive energy for positive…

In Teams We Trust – Learning with Sarah Eckereder

In Teams we trust! But how? What does it take to bring your team to that optimal trust level, where they connect to each other and become more productive as a result? Sarah Eckereder has the answer. We sat down to chat about the impact of her work and how she is changing organizational culture.

Assertiveness at Work

Very often there is the common misconception that to be assertive, one has to say ‘No’ to other people’s requests. But is that true? What exactly does being assertive mean in our daily work life? We’ve interviewed Alessandra Patti to better understand the concept and its importance in teamwork.

Learning through food: the effective and fun way!

Food. We all love it. Good food is one of the greatest, most exquisite pleasures in life. But, did you know it’s also an excellent opportunity to bring your team together and learn? Read on to hear what our provider David has to say about it and how you can turn food into the ultimate…

Bring a touch of sweetness to your team at work

We’ve all heard the expression “Work hard, play hard”. And indeed, why not reward your team with a taste of sweetness. We joined Kadri, to share her passion for chocolate and teamwork.

WeWent arrives in the UK: let the revolution continue

Thanks to all our providers and bookers, WeWent continues to grow and expand operations. We are happy to announce that WeWent arrives in the UK! Read on to find out more about our journey and how our commitment to more engaged workplaces continues

Optimize Performance Through Mindfulness Techniques

The key to handling work stress Work-related stress is something we all want to avoid.  When we feel stressed, we feel stuck. We are unable to move forward, make wise decisions and contribute less. More often than not, the challenge is how equipped the corporate world is in making sure it’s recognized and addressed in the…

Team building experiences: debunking the myth of waste vs must

Team building experiences. A waste or a must? It’s an undeniable truth that today’s employees hunger for more than just a salary. They are concerned about work-life balance, flexibility, and most of all they long for a sense of purpose and connection. Nonetheless, when it comes to employee engagement,  team building is one of the…

Purpose Driven Teams and how to create them

The Challenge: To make your business grow. The proposed solution? Creating purpose driven teams. But how do you inject purpose into your teams? And why is Purpose the key way to achieve business growth? We sat down with our provider Katerina, to hear all about it.