From idea to team retreat in under a week

How WeWent organizes its own team offsite in only 5 days – get a free team offsite template You can call us experts when it comes to TEAMs. Human connection at the workplace is not only the reason for our existence, but it is also in our core. We consist of a remote team and…

Work travel can give you wings

As much as it may sound, in this article, we are not going to talk about the miles you can collect while you travel for work. Although we accept that it is definitely a nice bonus to the whole experience.

Clearly, there is a reason international companies create a huge travel budget. The notion of meeting your colleagues and clients face to face makes the interaction 100% more reliable and memorable.

See how the co-founder of WeWent, Bilge, breaks the work travel into two productivity gems.
1. Sort out your work/life while flying
2.Treasure your time at the destination

6 Things you can learn from a Team Diagnostics

Team diagnostics, or in other words, a team health check, is mainly a survey methodology to find out where your team stands. It’s a first step towards understanding what’s going on with your team and what to tackle in order to make it more effective. You can do this at any point in time, either…

What is new with WeWent?

What is new with WeWent? If you were wondering why we’ve been so silent keep reading and you will find out! We’re so excited about the news we have to share that hopefully will make up for last month’s silence! We will talk about our new features. At WeWent we are committed to growing with you whether…