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Are You Ready For Some Adventure? Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

Are You Ready For Some Adventure? Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

Escape room team building activities are quickly becoming a trend, but they’re limited. You get locked in a room, the clock ticking, with no way out until you solve the mystery. Imagine experiencing the same excitement and thrill but with no walls or time pressure. You have unlimited space, solving puzzles and mysteries out in the open.  Suddenly public areas like museums, neighbourhoods or parks become exciting venues dotted with hidden clues and treasures. Doesn’t this sound like a good way to get to know your team – out in the open, in relatable surroundings, embarking on a journey together? We think so too!

It’s all about Trust

“..We believe that the world is a wondrous place, full of excitement, intrigue, and heroism and that humans need to tap into this now and again!..”

Dave Blum

Are You Ready For Some Adventure? Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

Dave’s Treasure Hunts deliver premium, corporate team-building activities that help people build trust, rapport, and camaraderie.  Clients often use their programs to explore social dynamics and identify emerging leaders. Others treat their events as a fun interview process to learn an enormous amount about their interviewees in a fun, informal way. Professional sporting teams use their hunts as an amenity for their visitors, bringing their stadiums alive.

The foundation of the company and its activities lie on these beliefs:

  1. Trust is the core of all workplace relationships.
  2. Trust is built when people discover personal commonalities.
  3. The best way to get people to build trust is by getting out of the office and through fun, collaborating activities.

Furthermore, Dave shared that his business was a result of his love for puzzles and games, group work and travel. He decided that a team-building treasure hunt company was easily the best format for doing combining his favourite activities. He joins in the fun nearly every day, either working with a group, scouting a new hunt location or writing puzzle-based clues.

Teamwork at its best!

Dave’s most unforgettable memory of a team building event involves a group of 25:

“One time, a group of 5 teams decided that they would all work together, rather than competing.  It was a fascinating experiment, because you couldn’t have 25 people walking together down the street. They had to figure out how they would come together to solve clues, then split up again to execute the various challenges in an efficient manner, then come back together at the end to pool their achievements.  The teams wound up finishing the challenge 45 minutes faster than any previous team! Now there’s teamwork!”


Are You Ready For Some Adventure? Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

The best of worlds

What makes Dave’s Treasure Hunts truly amazing is the fact that you get to solve the trickiest clues while enjoying the fresh air and an irreverent walking tour, where anything can (and does) happen. They also offer a fantastic smartphone app, plus expert facilitation based on 24 years of experience. They can create new hunts almost anywhere.  Customization is also available, where they incorporate organizational information into the puzzles themselves. They can handle groups from 10 to 500.

Oh, and did we mention that there are 150+ treasure hunts, all around the world, ready for you to challenge? They currently have two hunts set up in London (V&A Museum and Albertopolis) and one in Geneva (Old Town). What are you waiting for? Check the activities now and get in touch to organize a fantastic team treasure hunt!