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A Gourmet Experience For A Stronger Team



Open communication is a proven ingredient for success. If it truly exists, it is easier for employees and employers alike to gain an understanding of individual roles and goals.  However, this is not easy to attain.  Character differences can trigger conflicts and eventually affect communication. While workplace disagreement is typical, it needs resolution and the sooner it happens, the better it is for everyone. 

Patching up conflicts and disagreements is not easy but made easier through our featured provider’s dedication and passion to use her culinary expertise to help organisations improve team capability and communication.

Share A Gourmet Moment

A Gourmet Experience For A Stronger Team“I use cooking as a tool to bring people together so that they can enjoy sharing a gourmet moment together, (re)discovering each other outside the working environment.” 

With Swiss and Italian roots, our featured provider – Brigitte has a very international upbringing. She speaks fluent French, Italian, and English. She loves to invent recipes that bring out the best in whatever the season is offering. Her love and taste for market-fresh products are influenced by her Swiss-Italian father, who’s a fine gourmet enthusiast himself.

She has 15 years of experience in marketing and product licensing in a multi-national division of the Nestle Group. After that, she decided to use her passion and culinary expertise to help organizations to develop team capability and communication.

Food For The Heart

One of the most challenging but rewarding missions Brigitte was able to accomplish is to reunite a team through cooking.

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A dysfunctional team used her event as a last resort option to try and reunite seriously hurt members. This team used to function well. However, a wrong accusation brought in violent antagonism. They were able to resolve the toxic element, but the damages were substantial. The divided team could not go back to the original smooth working climate.

Brigitte used cooking to restore the original effectiveness in the team’s internal communication. “They had no choice but to participate, and they all arrived with a clear bad will,” she said.

After a couple of exercises meant to set up the atmosphere, they were all gathered in a kitchen, with an appetizing menu and recipes to use. During the whole time, they had to cook together. The activity somehow forced them to communicate to meet the objective. 

At first, the participants had no trust or faith in the result of the exercise. But the grunting and bad will slowly transform into some growing pleasure to achieve something tasty as a team. Without realizing it, they came to serve a wonderful, beautiful and delicious meal, within the set time, having big smiles on their faces. They had found back the pleasure they had long lost to work together. This result shows the immense power of food, as it relates to inner feelings. Their cooking together meant facing and solving situations, reflecting their daily professional reality translated into that cooking team building.

“Cooking together is a very meaningful activity. It is quite difficult to feed somebody you don’t like nor respect. Moreover, it is an activity that usually relates to private life and not working environment. People forget about being at work, as the hierarchy is non-existent during this time.”

A Relaxed And Enjoyable Meal!

A Gourmet Experience For A Stronger TeamEach group offering is unique, and the culinary scenarios were created according to the given objectives. What’s more exciting is that participants get a chance to use quality ingredients directly from the producers, fishermen, and breeders!

Participants will surely enjoy making creative, colorful, and tasty recipes. These were prepared to develop trust in each one’s capacities to achieve positive results while not being an expert. The event’s goal is not only to create a unique and tasty dish but to make lasting memories leading to a relaxed and enjoyable meal shared by all!

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Here are a few important facts about Brigitte’s workshops!


The situations most frequently discussed in Brigitte’s workshops are:

– Leadership and team management at different stages of maturity
– The ability to adapt, collaborate, innovate in situations of change.
– Resources management and optimization
– The motivational levers
– Problems related to communication (conflictual or absent)

Insights MDI Profiles and coaching can be integrated into the team-building exercise. Available upon request.

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Brigitte’s workshops can be delivered in any location around Switzerland.