6 Things you can learn from a Team Diagnostics

Team diagnostics, or in other words, a team health check, is mainly a survey methodology to find out where your team stands. It’s a first step towards understanding what’s going on with your team and what to tackle in order to make it more effective. You can do this at any point in time, either…

In Teams We Trust – Learning with Sarah Eckereder

In Teams we trust! But how? What does it take to bring your team to that optimal trust level, where they connect to each other and become more productive as a result? Sarah Eckereder has the answer. We sat down to chat about the impact of her work and how she is changing organizational culture.

Assertiveness at Work

Very often there is the common misconception that to be assertive, one has to say ‘No’ to other people’s requests. But is that true? What exactly does being assertive mean in our daily work life? We’ve interviewed Alessandra Patti to¬†better understand the concept and its importance in teamwork.