Team experience revolution starts now!

slide2At WeWent We are passionate about team events and all sorts of group activities. Last week during “WeWent launch and apero” evening we had a chance to connect with other like-minded people who contribute to team experience industry.

We would like to share some memories from this special evening and say a big THANK YOU to our partners: Impact Hub and Top the cake.

We know that moments spent together are golden

At WeWent we aim to create meaningful human connections and bring people together. Our promise is to connect event providers and bookers by making event offering more accessible, and booking process simple & easy.

Last Wednesday we invited group event providers and our network and friends to celebrate and share experiences.
We had a unique chance to meet talented people delivering group activities. All of them are passionate about team events as much as we are! We have spent the evening getting to know each other, networking and exchanging experiences and questions. New connections sparked conversations and new ideas. But that is only the beginning… We are committed to further engage and answer the needs and problems of team experience industry.
The story with WeWent starts now! 🙂


We are WeWenters & our difference

Our event was also a chance to get to know the team. Diverse, dynamic and engaged WeWent team shared about the journey, motivation and special moments together. WeWent is an international team of 6 individuals and very good friends united around a mission – to make booking of team activities and group experiences simple and easy as never before. We enjoy spending purposeful time together and we want this experience to be accessible to everyone. We are here to help groups feel connected in authentic way.

Our uniqueness is in group events for people that know each other and want to discover something new together or learn new skill with colleagues or friends. Creating something together is the best way to connect and get to know each other on a different level. Those activities bring a sense of being one team as colleagues or family, reminding us the importance of being human.

We are neither event organizers nor a travel agency but we want to make team experiences booking a simple yet quality experience. More over we want to empower and promote individuals and small and medium companies who deliver unforgettable team activities and group experiences through sharing their unique talents and passions.


Call to action for more event providers

Lastly, here is our call to action. We want to engage with event providers who can offer original, unusual, creative and different ideas. We are dedicated to helping people grow their undiscovered talents and share them with others by converting their skills and talents into group activities. Do you know other talented people delivering team/group activities? Invite them to shake team event industry with! 🙂