The importance of teams in driving engagement

Learning from experience We recently conducted a simple exercise among colleagues in the organization that I work for. We did it in a regular connect call, with around sixteen people joining from ten different countries. The ask was easy, to share what engagement means to us personally. We went in circle and everyone in maximum 30 sec….

Passionate about team events – the team behind the idea!

Passionate about team events – the team behind the idea! In this post we wanted to introduce ourselves… Why team events and group activities Have you ever participated in a team event? We bet you did and enjoyed it! We certainly do and we are passionate about team events and all sorts of group activities….

Be creative about your next team event

With today’s cost conscious organizations, zero based budgeting and remote working style, it’s easy to say no to team events and outings. But team events contribute greatly to creating a great place to work. They allow colleagues to get to know each other better and bond, build trust, mitigate conflict or increase understanding and collaboration….