At WeWent we believe there's a better way to do team building, future skills building and employee engagement.

Our mission is to help teams achieve it through meaningful experiences that enhance human connection as well as impactful learning moments. We focus on assisting organizations in building more engaged workplaces and better performing teams. We work with a network of more than 100 experienced workshop providers, business trainers and coaches. 

We built a platform for teams to access these talents and their solutions with just a few clicks!

A women-led startup that focuses on team learning, development and engagement established in 2016.

Meet The Founders

Bilge Apak


With over a decade of experience in areas of business, e-Commerce, digital marketing and data science in large organisations, Bilge believes in using technology and big data to help unlock the full potential of teams. She helps companies understand how to use the right mix of human and machine skills in the workplace.


With 11 years of experience working in HR, designing, developing and facilitating team engagement and development, Aleksandra reflects her passion for team engagement and lifelong learning in her daily work. As a natural team player, she has always been fascinated by the dynamics and factors that help teams flourish and deliver.

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