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WeWent is a Swiss company, the online marketplace for group and team events created to boost your company’s sales.
We developed a unique solution to be easily used by companies and groups interested in organizing any kind of event.
Being passionate about events, our goal is to facilitate the search for options and services of any sort of group event, offering a platform where the best services will be listed.

Benefits for your company:

Marketing platform: WeWent is committed to keeping attracting an increasing number of potential buyers every day through our communication strategy. 

Register & list events for free! The service commission fee is applied only after the sale is made through our site.

Provider Policy & Commission Fee: To discover details of the commission fee and provider policy, please sign up, go to Provider Section: and read Provider Policy: Please be aware that these links will not work unless you are logged in.

Competitive advantage: Being near to your contestants will give you the opportunity to strike new customers and fill gaps missing in your business.
Don’t stay behind your competitors! 

Access statistics, rates and reviews related to your event listing.

WeWent offer includes group events with the lowest prices, no booking fees and best price guaranteed. 

We guarantee that every event reservation booked through WeWent web site will have the lowest price (including all taxes and fees) publicly available on the Internet.
So as an event provider, you have the flexibility and freedom in setting the price and cancellation of your event. However, in line with our Best Price Guarantee, you are obligated to offer the best price through the WeWent platform. 


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