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How to list an event?

At we welcome all types of providers. From professional full time event companies to individuals who would like to share their passion and start making money out of it by offering workshops. For the latter group requires the provider to be self-employed. It does not matter if you want to organize a cooking classes or teach others how to make graffiti will provide you with platform where interested people can discover your offer and make a booking. 

If you would like to list your event you just need to click on “LIST YOUR EVENT” icon in top-right corner of the page and follow 6 simple steps to complete your offer. All of the steps are designed to provide possible booker most complete overview of the event to avoid confusion in booking process for both parties. Please read carefully all of the instructions provided once you follow the process and pay special attention to Event Objective and Event Category selection in Listing overview. Those fields will allow possible booker to easier find your offer.