Valuing Difference in Teams using MBTI

Valuing Difference in Teams using MBTI

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About the Event

An engaging and stimulating event using the globally recognized Myers Briggs Type Indicator to help participants to understand their own personality type, strengths, and preferences and recognise and appreciate the difference in others. Have you ever wondered why some people are easier to work with and understand, sometimes ‘you just click’ and then other colleagues seem to speak in a different language and work in a totally different way? Chances are that MBTI would help you to understand what’s going on here and provide a basis to work better together. Participants will spend time learning about the 4 dichotomies and discovering their own preference ‘type’. The group can then focus on learning about their colleagues ‘types’ through a series of fun exercises designed to highlight the value of each of the 16 personality types and highlighted how we all need to learn to work well together to get the best results.

Event Overview

  •   Min. number of participants:  8
  •   Outdoor / Indoor:  Indoor
  •   Max. number of participants:  16
  •   Duration:   4.0 Hours
  •   Available languages: English
  •   Start time(s):
    9.00 AM
    1.00 PM


  • Price per Person:  $186
  • Cancellation: Strict

Booking Type

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Event Category

  •  Future Skills
     Team Assessments

Event Objectives

  •  Relationship & Trust
     Purpose & Values
     Diversity & Inclusion
     Creating Team Culture
     Get to Know Each Other
     Conflict Management

Key Highlights

  What to Expect:

Participants will be asked to complete the Myers Briggs online assessment ahead of the event. Initially the session will focus on bringing to life the four different dichotomies in MBTI – Extroversion & Introversion, Sensing & Intuition, Thinking & Feeling, Judging and Perceiving. Participants will have the opportunity to ‘self assess’ their preference type before being provided with their online profile report.

Over the break, participants can familiarise themselves with their ‘type’ and get comfortable with what that means for them. Many people find the MBTI tool really insightful and a little ‘spooky’ in terms of how accurately it reflects their personality.

The session will then move into a series of exercises to help the group understand each other better, finding common ground with some and recognising the difference in others. These exercises can be tailored to the group to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved. It is expected that the group will leave having achieved the following;

• Become aware of their own thinking and working-style preferences
• Identified their own strengths and blind spots
• Developed an insight into the impact of their type on the relationships they have with others.
• Learnt to appreciate the different preferences and perspectives of others
• Considered how these insights can help them work better together

This workshop never fails to engage and interest participants. They love to learn about themselves and it can be used to create a new ‘language’ to better understand and communicate with each other. The workshop can ‘stand-alone’ or be part of a longer team event.

  What's Included:

An online MBTI assessment [available in many languages] and Individual profile report
Introduction to Type Booklet for each participant

  What's not Included:

Any travel, hotel or venue costs associated with the event. Additional materials


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