RABBLE Teamwork : Gamified Teambuilding

RABBLE Teamwork : Gamified Teambuilding

Zürich - Zürich - Switzerland

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About the Event

We use immersive tasks and activities that require team work, communication and decision making under pressure.

We have gamified traditional team-building activities so that fun and enjoyment are a huge part of our session, however there is always a learning process. Every task we offer is used for a reason ; to learn the teams communication skills, performance and decision making abilities.

If you are looking for an event that keeps your group immersed, laughing and energized then we believe we have the perfect team building solution.

Event Overview

  •   Min. number of participants:  6
  •   Outdoor / Indoor:  Both
  •   Max. number of participants:  20
  •   Duration:   2.0 Hours
  •   Available languages: English
  •   Start time(s):
    10.00 AM
    12.00 PM
    2.30 PM


  • Price per Person:  $76
  • Cancellation: Strict

Booking Type

  • Contact Request Booking

Event Category

  •  Team-building
     Business Skills
     Out of the Box
     Challenge & Games

Event Objectives

  •  Get to Know Each Other
     Problem solving
     Critical thinking
     Creating Team Culture
     Physical Movement

Key Highlights

  What to Expect:

Our games are inspired by old school playground & summer camp games however we have adapted them so that team work and communication is key to a successful task outcome.

Our games are designed to be extremely inclusive of all players, no matter what their age.

  What's Included:

All game equipment is provided by us.

Water and after workout energy bar provided for each individual

  What's not Included:

Comfortable fitness clothing and footwear must be brought by your own team


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